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InfoComm 2013- June 19, 2013

We just returned from Infocomm 2013 which was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando FL. With 35,000+ attendees, 937 exhibitors and more than 470,000 sq feet of exhibit and special events space itís no wonder my feet were killing me at the end of each day. As always there was strong representation from the Audio, Video, Video Conferencing, and Control vendors demoing the latest and greatest from all over the world. However, if I had to summarize one common theme it would have to be Networking, Networking, and more Networking. Manufacturers are finding more innovative ways in which data can be transferred with greater reliability and speed. The next few years will be exciting ones in which cross connections between audio, video, control, lighting, and building systems will become more common in both commercial and residential fields.

At Riedel Audio and Acoustics, LLC we strive to keep ahead of the constant wave of technological development so that our client partners are not left stranded in the sea of acronyms and ever changing standards. When designing a system we look at a clientís current needs and try to determine how they will evolve over time. Then we combine that with our knowledge of proven technologies, product reputations, and anticipated longevity. Being on the cutting edge of technology is ďa good thingĒ as Martha Stewart would say, but putting our clients on the bleeding edge of technology is not the way to treat people who have come to trust and depend on you. The majority of our client base has been with us for more than 15 years some even go back to our origin 30+ years ago.

Since Riedel Audio and Acoustics, LLC does not sell, service, or install products we are not driven by profits from equipment sales. Instead we are driven by providing our clients with our knowledge and expertise so that when their system is installed it will perform as intended for years to come.

Post Sandy Isolation Concerns- December 10, 2012

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating impact on many in the Northeast and unfortunately will continue to do so for quite some time. Our sincerest sympathies go out to those who lost loved ones, homes or businesses.  Flooding forced many to be without home, heat, and electricity. As a preventive measure for future occurrences, many commercial and institutional facilities are considering relocating mechanical and electrical equipment to higher levels within their buildings or adding fixed stand by generators. Before doing so, consideration should be given to the resultant noise and vibration impact on the building and neighboring properties. Equipment that was once on a slab at grade or on a basement slab and is relocated to an upper level will introduce a greater level of vibrational energy into the building or noise that may not have been a problem before. A poorly placed or selected generator can cause the owner to be in violation of local community noise ordinances. At Riedel Audio & Acoustics, LLC we can provide professional design consultation to assist you and your architect with determining the best course of action before creating a problem where none existed before. 
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